Ready 2 Rock Hostpitality Uniforms Melbourne

Ready 2 Rock Hospitality Uniforms 

Forkin Awesome Workwear!!

We produce kick ass uniforms for the guys and girls of the Hospitality Industry. Our chef uniforms are NOT unisex, we simply make everyone look and feel awesome!  


We pride ourselves on High Quality & Comfort first. We specialise in customised tailor-made uniforms hand made for you.  Design your own chef jacket or front of house aprons or choose from our designs and have the colours match your brand. We make our uniforms work for YOU! 

Our Chef Uniforms

Designed by chef’s, tested by chefs and loved by chefs, we know what works best in a kitchen. No more unisex chef uniforms, no more chaffing, no more apron neck rubbing, No more pain. Be comfortable and look good during your long double shift’s.  Our chef uniforms are modern and use the best mix of fabrics to keep you cool in the kitchen. Being fully tax deductable, Why not wear something you love to work in? If you are a female chef, wear a god damn female chefs uniform, Its so much more comfortable!!

And remember All of our aprons have a BOTH BOOB’S COVERED policy! 

Our Waiter Wear

We custom make our front of house aprons to match your branding. High Quality, Durable, Comfortable and damn stylish, we can tailor make your aprons exactly how you want them. We do free consultations, we embroider your logo, have a free delivery service,  and you never need to leave your restaurant! * No payments until you are fully 110% satisfied and you will be! 


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